The Fourth Vinogradov Conference “ Hydrology: from learning to world view” international scientific conference and school-seminar in memory of outstanding Russian hydrologist Yury Borisovich Vinogradov will be held on October 23 to October 31, 2020 at St. Petersburg State University. 

The conference is organized by St. Petersburg State University (Institute of Earth Sciences, Department of Land Hydrology) with the support of International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), State Hydrological Institute (St. Petersburg), Gidrotehproekt Ltd and Hydrograph model scientific group (St. Petersburg).


The event consists of two parts: a school-seminar on hydrological modeling (March 20-23, 2020) and a scientific conference (March 24-27, 2020). The preliminary schedule of the school-seminar and scientific conference is given below.


  1. Mathematical modeling in hydrology: problems, achievements, practical application

  2. Dangerous hydrological phenomena: predictability and assessment

  3. Geoecological research and protection of water bodies: what limits – the imperfection of water law or ignorance of the processes?

  4.  Hydrological studies of the Arctic, Antarctic and Mars: exotic or urgent problems? (in honor of the 200th anniversary of discovery of Antarctica)

  5.  Regional water problems: anthropogenic impact and / or climate change?

  6. Methodology of science and current tasks of hydrological research


January 15, 2020 – the deadline for abstract submission

February 1, 2020 – the deadline for articles in special issues of journals

February 15, 2020 – the deadline for extended abstracts in conference proceedings


Find more information in the First information letter


V.V. Dmitriev, Dr. prof., chairman of scientific committee, St. Petersburg State University

G.V. Ayzel, Ph.D., Potsdam University, Germany

M.V. Bolgov, Ph.D., prof., Institute of Water Problems RAS, Moscow

A.Yu. Vinogradov, Dr., Ltd. Gidrotehoroekt, Saint –Petersburg

E.L. Boyarintsev, Ph.D., Odessa State Ecological University, Odessa, Ukraine

T.A. Vinogradov, Ph.D., assistant prof., St. Petersburg State University

B.I. Hartsman, Dr., Institute of Water Problems RAS, Moscow

S.A. Dvinskikh, Dr., prof., Perm State Research University

V.A. Dmitrieva, Dr., assistant prof., Voronezh State University

O.P. Yermolaev, Dr., prof., Kazan Federal University

S.A. Zhuravlev, Ph.D., State Hydrological Institute, Saint-Petersburg

Sh.H. Zaripov, Dr., prof., Kazan Federal University

V.A. Zemtsov, Dr., prof., Tomsk State University

A.T. Zinoviev, Ph.D., Institute of Water and Environmental Problems, Barnaul

N. A. Kazakov, Ph.D., assistant prof., Research Center for Study & Control of Geosistems of Transition Zones of  the Special Research Bureau for Automation of Marine Researches FEB RAS, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

V.G. Kalinin, Dr., prof., Perm State Research University

S.A. Kondratiev, Dr., Institute of Limnology RAS, Saint-Petersburg

N.I. Koronkevich, Dr., prof., Institute of Geography, RAS, Moscow

L.M. Korytny, Dr., prof., Institute of Geograghy SB of RAS, Irkutsk

A.S. Makarov, Dr., prof., Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Saint-Petersburg

S.V. Popov, Dr., Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition, Saint-Petersburg

G.V. Pryakhina, Ph.D., assistant prof., St. Petersburg State University

V.G. Rumynin,, Dr., prof., Corresponding Member RAS, Hydrogeoecology Research Center, St. Petersburg State University

N.L. Frolova, Dr., prof., Moscow State University

S.S. Chernomorets, Ph.D., assistant prof., Moscow State University

K.V. Chistyakov, Dr., prof., St. Petersburg State University, Russian Geographical Society

V.V. Shamov, Dr., Pacific Institute of Geography FEB RAS, Vladivostok

V.V. Shepelev, Dr., prof., Institute of Permafrost SB RAS, Yakutsk



Before the conference, March 20-23, 2020, the School of Hydrological Modeling will be held. Both native and foreign lecturers will take part in it. Find more information in the First information letter.

In March 2018, more than 170 people from different regions of Russia and other countries participated in the Third Vinogradov Conference “Facets of Hydrology”.



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